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Founded in 1929, AFSPA offers a custom array of insurance products to Federal branch employees supporting foreign affairs. No matter where you are, we are Caring for Your Health Worldwide.

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To provide unparalleled service that our unique, worldwide membership requires, AFSPA manages a comprehensive set of health insurance benefits and related programs promoting the welfare of our members who support U.S. foreign affairs and related missions.

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As a Center of Health Care Excellence, AFSPA is the premier provider of creative, innovative health benefits, insurance programs and professional services to its eligible membership as well as an expert resource to the entire Federal workforce.

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Executive Vice President and CEO

Paula Jakub is Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Foreign Service Protective Association (AFSPA). In that capacity she provides strategic leadership that facilitates the development and enhancement of various insurance and specialty programs offered by the Association. The Association administers the Foreign Service Benefit Plan under contract CS1062 with the United States Office of Personnel Management, as authorized by the Federal Employees Health Benefits law. She is also the Executive Director of the Senior Living Foundation (SLF) of the American Foreign Service, where she provides proactive management to the vital organization solely devoted to helping elderly Foreign Service retirees and widows. In this critical leadership role, she oversees the grant/support functions and key activities that are vital to the continued success of the Foundation.

Ms. Jakub attended Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. She has a 37-year extensive background in the insurance field, having received her underwriting certification from American College. Ms. Jakub is a Registered Health Underwriter, as designated by the National Association of Health Underwriters. She is formally recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in Federal Health Benefits by the Foreign Service Institute, where she serves on the adjunct faculty.

She serves on the Board of the Association of Federal Health Organizations.



Chief Operating Officer

C. Kyle Longton serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the American Foreign Service Protective Association and the Deputy Director of the Senior Living Foundation of the American Foreign Service. He joined AFSPA in 2013 as the Administrative Manager and Foundation Liaison. He oversees the daily operations of the Protective Association, including administration, ancillary insurance programs, IT, outreach and more.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from Centre College of Kentucky and a Master of International Affairs degree from the George Washington University.

Board Members

  • Thomas M. Tracy, Chairman
  • Richard J. Shinnick, Vice Chairman 
  • Sarah R. Horsey, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kathleen T. Austin-Ferguson, Director
  • Joan M. Clark, Director
  • Frank Coulter, Director 
  • Jan A. Mohr, Director
  • Phyllis E. Oakley, Director
  • James D. Whitten, Director

Members of the Board of Directors are Career Foreign Service or other Executive Branch personnel, on active duty or retired. They serve the Association without compensation. 

Your Health Benefits Officers

Natachia Gourdine-Tyson

Natachia Gourdine-Tyson

Health Benefits Officer for two years
Commitment to Excellence means to have a Heart of Service. I had the honor of serving my country in the army for 12 years. This allowed me to develop the foundation of trust and strength. At AFSPA, it is expected to put our hearts into serving our members and assisting them when they need us most. I am committed to assisting our members to make the best healthcare choices for themselves and their families. My job gives me the opportunity to take the burdens off the members. If I can make their lives easier, that brings me joy.
Brandon Rowles

Brandon Rowles

Health Benefit Officer for five years
To me, Commitment to Excellence means that you are willing to change the way you think and make adjustments to achieve excellence. You will need to be willing to be flexible and try different things in order to achieve this as well. I like my job because I get to interact with people and help them with their struggles. My passion is helping people. I strive to restore their faith in customer service.
Christina Brown

Christina Brown

Health Benefits Officer for six years
Commitment to Excellence means providing 100% dedication, going above and beyond for our members within the provisions and guidelines of our plan. We must keep our members needs a priority. Many of our members are residing overseas and deal with stresses just from being abroad. My job is to act as a liaison between the providers outside the 50 United States and our members. I ensure everyone?s stress levels are down by making sure everything is being handled in the proper manner.
Philip Michel

Philip Michel

Member Quality Services for two years
Commitment to Excellence is a commitment to our members that they will receive the best quality service we can offer. This involves making sure that every member receives accurate information in a timely manner while also providing them the correct resources for their needs pertaining to our company. It is also a commitment and challenge to ourselves to consistently find new and better ways to increase the productivity or our work to better assist members.
LaKiia McCall

LaKiia McCall

Working with FSBP for seven years
Commitment to excellence is understanding that you sometimes have to think outside the box, combined with a willingness to place yourself in the member's shoes and go above and beyond to try and resolve a matter. I love my job simply because I love helping people. There have been several moments when in my mind I thought I was just doing my job. But later I hear the member's story and their appreciation for helping them - only to find out that my actions actually had a much greater impact on a member's life than I would have ever thought. Sometimes those turnout to be really teary-eyed moments that make me love my job even more.