Lloyd’s of London Disability Insurance (Closed Plan)

We are not accepting new applicants for this plan as of October 1, 2023.

Lloyd’s of London Disability Insurance (Closed Plan)

As of October 1, 2023, AFSPA is no longer accepting new applicants for this plan.

All currently enrolled members under age 65 may keep the policy as long as they pay the premium or until they turn age 65 when coverage automatically terminates or the Master policy terminates. AFSPA will continue to administer your policy and bill all premiums.

Please refer to your policy certificate booklet for plan benefits and exclusions. A copy can be provided per request

If you have any questions about your Lloyd’s of London coverage, please feel free to contact the AIP Dept. at 202-833-4910, ext. 320 or via email at aip@afspa.org.


Please contact us if you have any questions at 202-833-4910 or send us an email at life@afspa.org.

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