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General Inquiries. Call (202) 833-4910

Enrollment Questions
Call (202) 833-4910

FSBP Precertification, prior approval, or prior authorization
Call (800) 593-2354

FSBP Prescription Drugs | Express Scripts
Call (800) 818-6717
TCC: 1-800-759-1089 for the hearing impaired

FSBP Specialty Drugs | Accredo
Call (800) 922-8279

Health Care Fraud Hotline
Call (877) 499-7295

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Health benefits & claims (FSBP) – Contact Us.

Health enrollment information update, report a lost ID card, request a new ID card, update, other information (FSBP) – Contact Us.

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Disability Contact Us.

AD&D, Life, Critical Illness – Contact Us.

Immediate Benefit Plan – Contact Us.

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Travel – Contact Us.

Professional Services – Contact Us.

Kyle Longton, CAE, REBC,  AFSPA CEOContact Him.


Health Care Providers Questions. Call (202) 833-5751

Overseas Health Care providers, U.S. Embassies or Consulates, see below and click the link that applies to you.

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