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Expert help when you need it!

You already know that AFSPA is all about bringing the best health, dental, disability, life, and travel insurance plans by the best providers at the best prices. But did you also know that beyond these essential programs, AFSPA also stands ready to help our members with other important needs—from legal and tax consulting to financial and retirement planning? 

To help us meet your special non-medical and non-insurance needs, we have created a network of professional partnerships across several disciplines. These savvy, trusted experts are ready to meet with you when you need them. 

Legal Services

Select firms offer AFSPA members preferred rates for typical legal services

With many of our members living and working abroad, it can be especially difficult to address legal issues that occur both overseas and domestically. AFSPA has arranged for several law firms in Washington, DC and Virginia to be available to represent our members.

Common problem areas in which it may be important to have legal advice, document preparation, and/or representation include wills and living wills; trusts; estate administration; estate planning; buying, selling, and renting real estate; tax advice; starting and operating a business; accidents; domestic and elder law; and disputes.

Here’s what you need to know about these arrangements:

Additional information about each firm can be found by following the link to the firm’s website or in the letters of agreement below.

Tax Consulting

Select discounts and top-notch service

Filing taxes is frequently stressful and even more so while living abroad. AFSPA partners with Beers, Hamerman, Cohen & Burger, P.C. to offer our members special discounts and top-notch service.

Simply identify yourself as an AFSPA member – retired or active – when you first contact the firm. They will issue a letter of understanding that spells out specific rates and expectations prior to providing services.

To contact the firm, email or call (203) 787-6527.

Wellness Hub

Get guidance to help prepare for the future

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

If something happened to you tomorrow, would your loved ones be in a tough spot without your income? Do you have questions about insurance and budgeting, but don’t know where to turn? 

As a valued member of the American Foreign Service Protective Association (AFSPA), you have access to a variety of financial tools and education that can help you achieve your overall financial goals, at no cost to you. 

Explore how well you’re spending, planning and protecting your money and assets, and get tips to do better. Click here to access the AFSPA Wellness Hub.

Financial Wellness offerings, including access to any third-party referrals, are provided by Prudential Workplace Solutions Group Services, LLC (“PWSGS”). PWSGS is an affiliate of Prudential Financial, Inc. PWSGS is not a licensed insurance company, does not provide insurance products or services, and does not provide financial, investment or tax advice. Individuals should consult appropriate professionals when making financial, investment and tax decisions. The Financial Wellness offerings are made available for general financial education purposes. Access to financial wellness, products, services, seminars and tools is not conditioned upon the purchase of insurance or retirement products or services from any Prudential company. 

Financial Wellness offerings, including any products, services or solutions, described in this document are voluntary. individually-selected offerings. Thy are not part of any employee benefit plan or any program sponsored or endorsed by an employer. 

Wealth Management - GEBA

Wealth Management services provided by GEBA Wealth Management can help insure you achieve financial goals like buying a home, funding college tuition, or preparing for transition such as leaving federal employment or retirement.

Long Term Care Planning

No insurance portfolio is complete wtihout this vital coverage

At AFSPA, we are firm believers in the value of long-term care (LTC) plans as a critical component to comprehensive healthcare coverage. This is the insurance you simply can’t get when you need it most.

To help you navigate today’s myriad LTC—and other insurance offerings—AFSPA offers LTC Consulting Service, a complimentary service to help you find the best, most affordable LTC options for your needs.

The LTC Consulting Service currently includes two highly experienced professional consultant groups: Long-Term Care Consultants, Inc. and Signature Financial Partners, LLC. Each group offers 20+ years of experience in the LTC industry and are available to consult with you whether you reside in the U.S. or abroad.

Personalized Federal Retirement Planning & Counseling

Now is the best time to enjoy your future

Planning right for your future now will ensure you can enjoy it then. There’s no doubt that the sooner you get to planning wisely and saving—the greater your nest egg will grow and weather any potential financial storms. And, the best way to plan now is to know all you can, and to understand it as best as you can.

To help you achieve this, AFSPA has partnered with Retire Federal. Since 1985, Retire Federal has provided personalized federal employee retirement training and counseling to civilian federal employees. Led by Principal Retirement Specialist Tammy Flanagan, Retire Federal seeks to bridge the knowledge between federal benefits and financial planning to optimize your retirement fund potential and yields.

Learn more or schedule your appointment today!

Visit or email

Tammy Flanagan, Principal Retirement Specialist,

has been providing retirement planning assistance to Federal employees since 1985 when she first began work as a retirement benefits specialist at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Tammy has comprehensive knowledge and resources of the various retirement benefits as they relate to your personal needs. She and her team of experts offer services through one-on-one counseling, informational webinars, and training seminars.


Thank you Linda Caruthers (LTCCINC services) and your staff for working with us over the past year since retirement from the Foreign Service to purchase our new additional LTC insurance plan. We very much appreciate your patience in answering our any-and-all questions that we raised in the slow, deliberate process of making our decision. We also appreciated your willingness to meet on our schedule at various times over many months to go over in detail and clarify our understanding of this most important of life purchases.
Frank and Setsuko
AFSPA members
The first thing the staff at LTCCINC services did was take time to really understand my family circumstances. Only after two conversations did they recommend three policy options, which considered our today’s budget and our retirement budget years. Linda and Tracy gave us several options, and explained the benefits and drawbacks of each. Never did I feel pressured or pushed: in fact, their advice was to take time to make the best decision for our long term lifestyle.
Tracey Pintell Quade
AFSPA member
The AIP representative helped me back in 2013 with some questions I had about the program. This year I needed a little more information to finalize my decision for the LTC product. The representative had extensive knowledge on LTC insurance. Thank you for helping me with this process. I was able to submit my application on time and it is now approved!
AFSPA member