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2024 FSBP Open Season

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2024 FSBP Open Season

Open Season started Monday, November 13th and it is already in full swing! You have until December 11th to make changes to your health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and FSAFEDS program. If you’re happy with your health, dental/vision insurance, there is no action needed on your end. For the FSAFEDS program, you do have to re-enroll every year. Keep reading to learn about the new changes and added benefits to the Foreign Service Benefit Plan.

Foreign Service Benefit Plan 2024 Premiums

Self Only 401 $82.62 $179.01
Self Plus One 403 $211.30 $457.82
Self & Family 402 $204.38 $442.83


Self Plus One is at a higher rate than Family because the Office of Personnel Management or OPM weights the contribution to family enrollment more, resulting in Self Plus One costing the enrollee more. However, Two-Person families can enroll in Self & Family and save themselves some money. Deductibles and the cost share are not increasing.

Benefits and Changes

One of the biggest changes is that FSBP is increasing the allowance for alternative benefits. Massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic services will be covered for up to $75 per visit starting in January 2024.

For 2023, we were the only fee-for-service plan in the federal program to offer any coverage for artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization (or IVF). Starting in 2024, we are providing coverage of the medical services and prescription drugs for both artificial insemination and IVF. There are no limits on the coverage.

FSBP is also adding the new Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (PDP) for eligible members. For most members, there are two main changes they will experience: a new prescription drugs-only ID card and lower out-of-pocket costs. Members are automatically enrolled, but they can opt out by visiting To learn more about this new plan, you can listen to a recent podcast with AFSPA and Express Scripts here. Kyle Longton, AFSPA’s COO, talked about all things Open Season plus the new PDP in this podcast episode.

To learn about other benefit changes and updates, please refer to our Open Season page or the 2024 FSBP Brochure.

FSBP Open Season

If you want to learn more about the Foreign Service Benefit Plan, AFSPA has lots of opportunities for you. On Thursday, November 30th at 11 AM ET, Kyle Longton and Express Scripts will be answering questions live about the new Prescription Drug Plan. You can send your questions in live here or you can submit your question using this form.

AFSPA is also offering webinars about FSBP with a Live Q&A as well. You can register at or with the links below.



To learn more about the 2024 Open Season, visit

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