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Caring For Your Members of Household’s Health Worldwide

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Caring For Your Members of Household’s Health Worldwide

Moving one’s career overseas can be an exciting transition for a family. But it is crucial to ensure everyone in your home has health care coverage while away. However, what if some individuals in your household are not eligible for coverage under your Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) plan? 

Decades ago, while identifying our members’ needs, AFSPA looked at what the FEHB programs offered to the households of federal government and Foreign Service employees and identified a gap. While the FEHB offered coverage for the Federal employee, the legal spouse of that employee, and children under the age of 26, it did not cover everyone in the household. This included same-sex domestic partners, live-in parents/in-laws, children over the age of 26, and nannies. This gap in coverage prompted the need for AFSPA to offer a plan that provides health care coverage to these individuals. This plan is called, “Members of Household (MOH) insurance.”  

MOH insurance was designed to offer medical coverage to family and friends who are:  

  • U.S. citizens spending extensive time with you overseas and need health care coverage during their stay 
  • Foreign Nationals residing with you in the U.S., or traveling outside of their home country who need health care coverage during their stay 

Since its inception in the early nineties, AFSPA’s MOH insurance has expanded to offer four plan options. Click here to learn more about AFSPA’s unique MOH insurance. 

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