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Maintaining Good Oral Health for your Overall Health

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Maintaining Good Oral Health for your Overall Health

Having good oral health is important for maintaining a healthy body and smile. Many people do not realize the connection between oral health and your overall health. Our mouths are full of mostly harmless bacteria; however, it also is the entry point to our digestive and respiratory tracts where some of these bacteria may cause disease.[1]

Here are some tips to maintaining good oral health and preventing disease:

Brush thoroughly twice a day and floss daily.

Oral health starts with clean teeth. Keeping the area where your teeth meet your gums clean can help prevent gum disease.[2] Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place and is caused by poor brushing and flossing habits.[3] These poor habits can lead to a buildup of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, on your teeth. Once this plaque hardens it can lead to sore, bleeding gums, painful chewing problems, and even tooth loss.[3]

Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Dentist with patientEven if you have no natural teeth or have dentures, visiting the dentist is crucial to maintaining proper oral health.[4]  Plaque that isn’t removed from regular brushing and flossing may harden and form “tartar” that only a professional can remove.[3]

Do not use any tobacco products.

If you smoke, quit. Smoking is the most significant risk factor for gum disease.[3]  

Eat a healthy diet and limit food with added sugars.

Diet and nutrition affect the health of the tissues in the mouth.[5] The consumption of sugars has been associated with an increased risk of developing cavities.[5] Sugar can come in many forms. Usually ingredients ending in ‘ose’ are sugars, for example: sucrose, fructose and glucose are just three types. These sugars can damage your teeth. If you need to snack between meals, choose foods that do not contain added sugars. Family in a circle smiling

How can AFSPA Help?

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For more information on oral health and how to maintain good dental health click here.  

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