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AFSPA Live – Coming Soon on May 26

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AFSPA Live – Coming Soon on May 26

We are excited to announce ‘AFSPA Live,’ a new monthly online show that provides AFSPA members the opportunity to ask live questions and get real-time answers from AFSPA leaders and health topic experts. AFSPA members or AFSPA Talks podcast listeners can call in to have an in-depth discussion about previous ‘AFSPA Talks’ podcast topics such as mental wellness, dental care, healthy pregnancy and more! Or just call to talk about AFSPA programs and benefits.   

This month, our ‘AFSPA Talks’ podcast series focuses on AFSPA’s Ancillary Insurance Programs (AIP), specifically our Discount Care Programs, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance, as well as Life and Accidental Death and Disability insurance. Next month, topics will focus on infertility awareness and family planning. We can’t wait to talk to you on ‘AFSPA Live.’  The first show will air on Thursday, May 26. Follow us on social media, @afspacares, for more details about how you can participate.  

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