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Have You Heard of AFSPA’s Discount Care Programs?

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Have You Heard of AFSPA’s Discount Care Programs?

AFSPA offers the Discount Care Program, a three-in-one package discount plan designed to help our members save on dental, vision, and LASIK services. Although it is not an insurance plan, this program gives members the freedom to save big on routine and preventative care from a vast network of providers.

AFSPA’s Discount Care Program provides discounted prices – 20% to 60% savings on most dental procedures, plus great savings on LASIK and vision care.  Just show your membership card at the time of service, then you pay the discounted rate directly to the network provider.

You can enroll in the Discount Care Program at any time. There’s no waiting, no complicated forms to fill out, and no limits on use.

In addition, members can take advantage of a complimentary discount service on hearing aids through TruHearing. Visit or call (855) 205-6252 and mention you are an AFSPA member.

Self Only $7.95* $89.95*
Self + One $12.95* $139.95*
Self + Family $14.95* $159.95*


For more information and details on the Discount Care Program, click here.

Click here to enroll today.

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