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Healthy Weight Week

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Healthy Weight Week

January 24-30 is Healthy Weight Week, a time to celebrate lifelong healthy, diet-free habits that prevent eating and weight problems. In this month’s CEO message, AFSPA CEO Paula Jakub discussed using the Health Coaching Program and the Mediterranean Wellness Program to maintain your ideal weight. We’d like to discuss a few more options available to you through FSBP.

FSBP offers Digital Coach Programs that create a personalized plan based on a member’s Health Risk Assessment.  Members can engage through messaging with cartoon of doctors examining patient with a health app online tools and resources that track their progress. As an added bonus, completion of the digital coaching program can earn you up to $150 in Healthy Action Incentives through FSBP‘s Simple Steps to Living Well Together Program.

FSBP also provides access to a free 24-hour Nurse Advice Line that connects members with a live registered nurse who can answer questions about maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, you can also chat online with a registered nurse via Aetna’s secure member website.

Cartoon of nurse video chatting with three peopleMaintaining a healthy weight is important for everyone, but it is especially prudent for those who are pre-diabetic. It’s important for physicians or other health care professionals to remain in charge of treatment plans for members identified as at risk to develop diabetes. But FSBP offers a Pre-Diabetic Alert Program that focuses on providing additional education and support covered at 90% of the plan allowance for in-network (no deductible) and 70% of the plan allowance for out-of-network (no deductible).

If you need health information from a trusted source during your healthy weight journey, use the Cleveland Clinic at no cost to you. Their site also provides free e-newsletters, physician-hosted online chats, and the ability to research health topics like weight management.

Also, as an FSBP member, you have access to fitness and gym discounts. Celebrate Healthy Weight Week by joining a Cartoon woman in blue meditating gym, investing in new workout gear, joining a new meal plan, or downloading a meditation app. To learn more about the fitness and gym discounts available to you click here.

To discover more about maintaining a healthy weight, visit the CDC’s website. And to find out more about healthy weight programs available to you as an FSBP member, visit our Wellness Programs page.

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