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From the CEO

Happy New Year! Welcome to our new enrollees who chose the Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP) during Open Season. You join over 33,000 colleagues and their families who entrust us with their health care.

As this year promises to be interesting and dynamic, we want to keep you informed of all the new developments at the American Foreign Service Protective Association (AFSPA), the sponsor of FSBP. By now, any returning members have received their 2020 Open Season Materials. Read the documents carefully and review your full Plan Brochure. Please utilize your new services meant to start your 2020 in the right direction.

FSBP Member 2020 Tidbits

Teladoc® – Effective immediately, FSBP has changed our telehealth vendor to Teladoc (replacing Amwell). This convenient benefit that gives you 24/7 access to providers, has grown in popularity. U.S. based members can receive non-emergency health services and general medical advice via app, web, or phone – virtually anywhere (home, hotel, etc.). Check your mail for a Teledoc sticker to attach to the back of your existing FSBP ID card. The updated vendor information will already be printed on the cards of new FSBP enrollees.To register, visit or call 800-Teladoc (800-835-2362).

CVS – FSBP has added CVS to the list of participating Smart90® Network Pharmacies. Members can obtain up to a 90-day supply of non-specialty maintenance medications at any Smart90 Retail Pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, & certain independent pharmacies) at the same copay as Express Scripts Home Delivery services. CVS offers over 6,000 more locations for you to fill your ongoing/long-term prescriptions, without paying higher costs. Visit or call 800-818-6717, to find a participating Smart90® Retail Pharmacy near you.

Prescriptions – No other prescription benefits have changed in 2020. However, depending on the manufacturer’s rates, your individual drug may have changed tiers. For example, a previous Tier III (Non-Preferred Brand Name Drug) medication may have moved to a Tier II (Preferred Brand Name Drug), which means the Plan can offer you a lower copay. In contrast, a manufacturer may have increased a Tier II drug price, or a competitor may make available the same equivalent drug for less. This causes that original drug to move to Tier III, thus raising the price. Any members affected by a cost increase were notified by mail.

AFSPA’s Ancillary Insurances

If you missed the FEDVIP Open Enrollment for dental or vision plans, AFSPA wants to assist. We offer four excellent dental insurances that are available all year and cover dependent children up to age 26. And, if you don’t want to pay for full insurance, stateside members can purchase AFSPA’s Discount Care programs ( to save money on dental, vision, and LASIK vision correction services. Lastly, all AFSPA members have access to the complimentary TruHearing program, which offers discounts on hearing aids and batteries. Combined with FSBP’s hearing aid benefits, health plan members can save a lot on out-of-pocket expenses. Apply for these programs at any time – no open enrollment is needed. Learn more at

Our 2020 Theme

FSBP strives to provide the right support, at the right time, to help you address your health care challenges – big or small. In that vein, our 2020 theme is, “Mental Wellness Leads to Better Physical Health.” Throughout the year, we will highlight your available programs available that address general stress, work/life balance, or yours or a family member’s health issue. The recent New Year’s email formally introduced this 2020 theme as well as the corresponding logo. When you see this image, look for program information meant to help you ease life’s heavy loads.

We anticipate a wonderful 2020. I personally wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year. As always, thank you for your trust and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

To Your Health,

Paula S. Jakub, RHU
Executive Director, Senior Living Foundation

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