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Message about Coronavirus

With 34 confirmed cases in the United states and over 75,000 globally, people are understandably concerned about the Novel Coronavirus strain of the respiratory virus better known as COVID-19.

While most strains of the Coronavirus are relatively benign, causing mild respiratory symptoms that may resolve on their own, COVID-19 evolved to include more serious symptoms, and in some cases may even cause death.

The virus can be airborne, spread through coughing or sneezing, and by contact with an infected surface or human. The Center for Disease Control recommends washing your hands often and avoiding touching your eyes, nose or people you think may be unwell. Additionally, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests boiling water before its consumption.

If you suspect you may have contracted COVID-19, CDC also recommends avoiding public places and using over-the-counter cold medicine to treat associated fever, congestion and cough. For more severe cases, it is suggested that you see your local healthcare provider as oxygen may need to be administered.

For more information in the U.S., please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. International members may visit World Health Organization’s website.

If you have travel-related questions, please view the Department of State’s regularly-updated Travel Advisories.


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